Acute diarrhea in dogs is a condition wherein your pet suffers from irritable bowel movement.  This condition is relatively mild, although it may last for one to two weeks.  Generally speaking, you can treat acute dog diarrhea at home.

But then again, you have to be very careful in monitoring the condition of your sick dog during the entire treatment process.  If you think that your dog is losing a lot of weight because of its condition, it is only right that you take it to the vet.

Acute Dog Diarrhea Causes

Most cases of acute dog diarrhea are caused by bacteria.  And these bacteria are commonly obtained from the food that the dog eats or licks.

Dogs love to sniff around the house and go to the trash.  This is one of the reasons why they tend to suffer from stomach upsets and eventually, acute dog diarrhea.  The types of bacteria dogs could ingest and lead to sickness are salmonella and E coli.

Also, if your dog had accidentally ingested some pesticides around the house, you could almost expect that a case of diarrhea would follow.  Other causes of diarrhea in dogs are stress, roundworms, and certain viruses.

Acute Dog Diarrhea Symptoms

The most common symptom of acute diarrhea in dogs would be watery stools.  However, your dog's waste need not be purely in liquid form for it to qualify as diarrhea.  If your dog's bowels are loose and are softer than usual, look for other signs such as mucus and blood.

These are the indication that your dog is most likely suffering from this particular aliment.  The loose bowel movement of you dog may last for more than a day to a couple of weeks.  It is also possible that your dog may feel tired and dehydrated all the time.

Dehydration is the most common effect of diarrhea, both in humans and in animals.

Lethargy, vomiting, fever, and decreased appetite for food are also symptoms to watch out for.  If your pet is drastically losing its energy to perform its normal daily activities or it is not as physically active as before, it is best that you take it to the vet for further diagnosis.

Acute Dog Diarrhea Treatment

Acute dog diarrhea can be considered as a mild case of loose bowel movement.  Normally, it can be treated right from your home.  But this doesn't mean that you are not to let the veterinarian prescribe the proper medicines for your dog.

You are free to try the natural remedies for dog diarrhea during the first few days but if they fail in restoring the health of your pet, you must let the vet take over.

Dog suffering from diarrhea requires a change in their diet.  Feed your pet with foods that are easily digestible.  Boiled chicken and rice are advisable.  Do not feed your dog with fatty foods or anything with oil as they may cause further irritation to the intestines.

Vets may prescribe antibiotics for acute dog diarrhea.  Administer them as advised.  The common drugs that are used for acute dog diarrhea are bismuth subsalicylate and diarsanyl paste.

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