The main cause of diarrhea in dogs is an improper diet. This means that if your dog fails to eat the foods that are right for it and ends up eating things that could disrupt the natural processes of its digestive system, diarrhea occurs.  Dogs have a certain diet to follow.  Once and for all, pet owners should realize that their dogs are not supposed to be fed with human food.

The safest way to prevent dog diarrhea is to give your pet commercial dog food.  However, there are many dog foods in the market today.  You should be picky when deciding which to feed your dog with.  Choose dog food as if you're choosing your own food.  Different dog breeds have different diety needs, so you consider that and your pet's age and lifestyle when selecting a food for your dog.

If you can't stand the dog foods in the market because of their doubtful contents, you can always prepare home-cooked foods for your dog.  Feed your dog with bland meat, poultry, or fish.  Your pet needs all the protein it can get.  Don't add flavorings and seasonings to your dog's meal.  Use salt, oil, and vegetables sparingly.

A change in the protein content in your dog's food can be cause of diarrhea in dogs.  If your dog seems hard to feed, it is best that you take it to the vet and ask which types of foods and at what quantity you should give your dog.  Some dogs require high amounts protein from meat.  Others need calcium for stronger bones.  Make sure your dog's diet includes all the nutrients it needs

Neglect is also one of the reasons why dogs develop diarrhea.  Diarrhea is mainly caused by parasites, bacteria, and sometimes, even viruses finding their way into the dog's stomach.  Dogs straying into the trash and unkept dogs are very likely to develop diarrhea plainly because of their unhealthy body and surroundings.

As responsible dog owners, you should make sure that your dog doesn't go out of your backyard.  You should also see to it that all trash is secured and away from your dog's prying curiosity.  Furthermore, you shouldn't keep harmful chemicals within dog's reach either.  As much as possible, put them in high cabinets and in places where children and dogs can't find.

The same goes for stale food and water.  If your pet is through eating and it leaves a good portion of his food behind, it is best that you take it out and throw it away instead of just leaving it there for your pet to eat again.

Certain molds and fungi grow in food after only a very short time.  Feeding stale foods to your dog may cause dog diarrhea.

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