The right information is vital when you want to treat dog diarrhea.  It would be wise to go veterinarian right away if you notice the symptoms of dog diarrhea.  One of the signs that your dog is suffering from this ailment is when you notice that your dog excretes often.

You can also observe that their feces have a watery composition instead of its usual appearance.  It is important to be very watchful of what your pet dogs take in so you can avoid stomach related problems.

Most instances of dog diarrhea can be treated right in your own home.  Acute diarrhea can be gone in a matter of days with minimal treatment.  There are natural home remedies that you can use to bring back the health of your dog.  The first thing that you need to do is to avoid giving them human foods and evaluate their reaction to the food that you give them.

Home remedies for dog diarrhea includes the incorporation of some minerals including probiotics for dogs, certain herbs and glutamine to the food that they eat.

Herbs like plantains and elms are known to be effective home remedies for dog diarrhea.  It is also important to note that during the first 24-48 hours of your dog's diarrhea attack, you should not feed them with their usual diet.

Instead, you should give them water.  To help your dog recuperate fast, you can add probiotic powder to the water you give them.  You can also add priobitic powder to the food that you feed them when their condition gets a little better.

After giving them the probiotic solution, observe if the diarrhea stops.  If it did, don't feed them with dog food right away.  It would be wise to feed them small amounts of low-fat food at least three times a day for a week.  Bland foods are the best.  You can give them tofu, boiled rice, and boiled hamburger.  You can also feed them cottage cheese and fresh pumpkins.  Fruits like pumpkin contain certain fiber than can aide in your dog's regular bowel movement.

Continue this diet for a few days and gradually go back to your dog's normal diet if you observe that their conditions improve.  Fluid intake is very important in keeping your dogs away from diarrhea.  If your dog develops dog diarrhea, they dehydrate very quickly and thus, giving them enough water supply is very crucial.

It is important that you clean their bowl every so often and refill it with fresh water every time they drank it all up.  Make sure that you give them fresh and clean water all the time.

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