If your dog is not feeling well, you'll know right away.  If your dog is not touching its food and is not as active as before, the chances are good that your dog is sick.  Dog diarrhea has these symptoms exactly.  Diarrhea is a problem of the digestive system.  It is characterized by loose stools and dehydration.  Dogs suffering from this aliment needs to be treated right away.

Dogs with diarrhea tend to move bowels very frequently during the day.  And their bowels are softer than usual and often watery.

There will also be mucus in their stools.  Mucus is the whitish substance that could have formed the dog's intestines.  The presence of mucus along is a strong indication that there's a problem in the dog's digestive system.

Chronic diarrhea in dogs is the most severe case of this disease.  Here, there could be blood along the dog's bowels.  The diarrhea may also come and go, but would relatively stay with the dog for a period of two days to two weeks.  But if the condition goes beyond that, the case has to be referred to a veterinarian for proper medical treatment.

Another symptom of dog diarrhea is vomiting.  Dogs don't normally vomit.  When you see your dog spitting out the food that it had just eaten, it definitely is sick.  And it most likely has problems related to the stomach.  Dogs that tend to vomit food have a lower appetite and are less active.  Fever may also be apparent.

Generally speaking, the symptoms of diarrhea in dogs are much like the same as diarrhea in people.  If your dog is suffering from it, it is best that you monitor its condition.  You have to know if your pet is responding to your medications or if the problem is simply getting worse.

In the first few days of dog diarrhea, it is okay to treat your dog at home.  Start by giving it a bland diet.  Dogs whose intestines are irritated require lesser oil in their meal.  Give your pet boiled chicken as it has lesser natural oil than meats and fish.  However, you should also give your dogs antibiotics as per the veterinarian's prescription.

Keep in mind that diarrhea in dogs could worsen if left ignored.  And it could lead to irreversible health conditions.  Provide your dog with the proper care and guidance it needs.  By doing so, your pet will live healthier and happier for many years to come.

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