The dog is man's best friend. And just like a man, they can be hit with a number of diseases, including dog diarrhea. Dog diarrhea is a very common disease manifested by watery excretion, foul odor, abnormal colored feces, and soft stool. You can also notice your dog having a hard time defecating. Because of the strain that they feel coupled most likely with a stomach ache, you would observe that their usual stamina and enthusiasm would decrease.

For acute dog diarrhea, you can consider giving your dog home remedies. First off, give them fresh and clean water at all times. Since diarrhea makes them dehydrate rather fast, you should be able to sustain their water supply. You can add probiotic powder to their water to improve their condition. Water therapy is very crucial during the first two days of their diarrhea attack.

After giving them a water diet, observe your dog's demeanor. If their condition improves, you can start giving them bland foods and low fat foods. You can feed them boiled foods, tofu and fruits like pumpkins. Fruits and vegetables rich in fiber can also help. You can also add probiotic water to their food. Probiotic is a dietary supplement that has useful bacteria and yeast that can aide in the improving your dog's health condition.

One more thing that you can do is to use remedies that are used to treat human diarrhea. You can use Pepto-Bismol, a medicine that can also be used for treating dog diarrhea. You can give them 1ml of Pepto-Bismol for every 10 lbs. of your dog's weight. Give this medication to your dog three times a day, for no more than one week. You can also use .5 mg of Loperamide Immodium for every 10 lbs. body weight, three times daily.

You can also purchase medicines that are designed to treat dog diarrhea. You can ask your vet for a prescription. Prices can go anywhere from $5 to $50. A Diarrhea Control Gel can cost you $14 and a 4 oz. bottle of Pet-Pectillin Diarrhea Medication goes for $5. You can also give them capsules like DiaBac that would cost you $23 for 30 capsules and $50 for 60 capsules.

It is very important to drop by your veterinarian for a consultation if your dog does not seem to respond to any of the dog diarrhea treatments that you tried. If your dog's condition is critical, a visit to the vet can save your dog's health.

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